Blog Submissions

A Country Practice Accountants Group is always happy to receive informative and/or thought-provoking content to share with our community.

All we require is that guest bloggers adhere to the submission guidelines below. To ensure these guidelines are met, every submission will be vetted by the committee before it is added to the site.

Author and topics

  • Authors must be an employee of a member firm or sponsor or conference speaker
  • Topics should demonstrate the author's areas of expertise
  • Content must be industry-relevant topics that help accountants and their business to thrive and evolve and inform them about the business landscape in which they they operate

What to include

  • Blogs should be 1000 words or less - 600 words or less is ideal
  • Include heading and author name
  • Content must be original
  • Blog content may include links to relevant, genuine sites
  • Content must include appropriate citations or links for references


  • Good photographs, diagrams or other images will help readers engage with your story
  • Every image must include appropriate citations or credit
  • 1 MB limit for each image


  • Each blog will carry a disclaimer advising readers that content and references are the author’s own work and may not reflect the views of A Country Practice Accountants Group
  • As author or blogger, you retain copyright over your story, however, by submitting your blog article to our community, you agree to it being published and promoted royalty-free in perpetuity on the site and via member communications